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Disk Tuner

Attributed to have been improving PC performance and its stability well, Disk Tuner brings itself one of the most renowned disk cleaners. With its specialty noteworthy to remove junk, unnecessary and all other system files, this utility means all to widen smiles of its users when to get their PCs running faster and smoother.

Reg Tuner

By Reg Tuner, you may get your PC running faster and smoother with no any expensive hardware upgrades. At SloxSoft, we bring this in vision to increase speed and stability by recognizing and cleaning unnecessary data, automatically repairing system errors and making better to your computer.

Shutdown Scheduler

Give your computer a custom experience to shut down, log off, restart, sleep/hibernate and close by new PC technology known as Shutdown Scheduler. Considered as an eminent and professional PC utility at SloxSoft, this is totally intended to set your PC to operate at click of your intentions.

Services at SloxSoft

  • Speed up Computer

    Rely on SloxSoft to have been assisting PC users get their PCs run faster and smoother. In other words, the company affirms to delete temporary, unnecessary and other system files from your PC work best.

  • Hide Files and Folders

    To keep your privacy like files and folders at your PC secured well from other users, SloxSoft is fully fruitful of best-in-class and result-oriented PC as well as Windows Utilities, such as Disk Cleaner, Reg Tuner, Shutdown Scheduler and many more.

  • Back up PC Registry

    Before one uninstalls any software from his PC, Registry files of the software is automatically stored to help him when he re-installs the software to easily to configure itself.

  • Clean Junk Files

    Helpful to delete junk files from PC run faster, SloxSoft brings in vision its Disk Cleaner is well-acclaimed Windows utility that specializes to get PC performance better.

Get Custom Assistance

Free Support Services

At SloxSoft, we consider to feel our customers feel happy with our products/services, so have we stepped out to avail Free Support Services to our products if made any troubles at its usage.

Pay Half at Disk Tuner

To believe customers befriend with SloxSoft and its every practice, effectively, they require to pay half at purchasing of Disk Tuner. So, do hurry to cash your excitement and to hand this opportunity quickly.

Buy Product to get Support Free

Intended all to confirm customers have Support Services free at its acquisition. From its any product, whether it is Disk Tuner, Reg Tuner or Shutdown Scheduler, it ascertains to widen smile of its customer anyhow.

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