Why Choose Us

Know a click at SloxSoft is more than Dream to get your PC running as it is new. With its colossal attendance among PC users globally, the company in India is all solutions to:

  • Speed up your PC performance.
  • Fix the system errors, slowdown issues and privacy concerns.
  • Feature one-click functionality, easy and automated options.
  • Avail best-in-class and professional tools to make best use of your computer's performance.

What We Do

Software Development

Laden with custom, professional and easy-to-use software ranging from Reg Tuner, Disk Tuner, Shutdown Scheduler and many more, we at SloxSoft are known as Software Development Company in India that has gone trustworthy worldwide.


After we have stepped in conception of PC technologies to ensure you work faster on your PC, we avail you our Support Services to tackle any issues about our products. Only you may go around our products and we repair the issues bothering you at your PC.


Having its giant footmarks to have launched the best and professional PC optimization software in the market, SloxSoft also comes expertly with conception, designing and development of further PC related software like ERP, CRM and many more.

Say ‘No’ to the big names meant to win over you.

Only stand reliable by services you are the most satiated of.

SloxSoft LLC

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